JCSS: Customer satisfaction specialists

The name JCSS is an acronym for: JOINT, SUPPLY CHAIN, SOLUTIONS

and while the literal meaning stands true,
we prefer a simpler option – the customer must be satisfied..

Customer satisfaction

It is our mission, vision and objective. Can one state a company’s reason to exist more simply? We believe that you cannot do it and do not need to, because it’s the customers that provide us with new orders and raving reviews. Anything we do, whatever the order and wherever the sender, the recipient and the cargo, it is the task of JCSS for the Customer to feel that their order is in good hands and safely en route to its destination.

From A to B, and from A to Z.

We have been active in logistics for several years now. We know that counts, we know what changes, but we also remember that there are some things that stay the same, that were just as important ten and a hundred years ago. So it is not new technologies, applications or attractions that are the reason to call us. The reason to call us is the will to be satisfied.

Simple, isn’t it? Well, good offers are simple
– if you want to be satisfied with your logistics,
call JCSS.

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