JCSS = Joint Chain Supply Solutions

JCSS is not only Joint Chain Supply Solutions, but quality,
time, reliability and success. For you as a customer it is a sign
that their cargo is in good hands.


Logistics ready for
the times to come.

JCSS is new logistics
- focused on customer satisfaction
and not on technical details.
After all, the customer is the most important.


When do we start?

A quick deadline requires work at lightning speed.
Tomorrow is already a day later. Call us now:

Years of experience
+ The energy of a new brand

At JCSS, you talk exclusively with experienced professionals. The name and logo are new, but the professionals are proven for years.

About us

All the world, around the clock.

All it takes is for you to tell us where, what and when you
need to deliver. We are ready when you are ready.

Maritime forwarding

Air forwarding

Road forwarding

Rail forwarding

Transshipment and storage

The quicker the contact,
the quicker we start.

The sooner you call us, the earlier will your order be there.
We are ready; we are only waiting for your call.

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